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While I mostly podcast, I occasionally write down my thoughts. You can all my  podcast episodes and blog posts  here. Each week, the Simple Life Works podcast will:

Each week, the Simple Life Works podcast will:

  • Bring you tips and guidance for living a simple, more fulfilling life
  • Share real stories from people doing good, simple works that:
    • improve their lives
    • meaningfully connect with others
    • contribute to their communities.

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SLW Episode 6 – Clothing, KonMarie and Thrifting in the Face of Fast Fashion

Photo by Parker Burchfield on Unsplash

After a loooong hiatus, I’m back this week with a couple of friends, Stephanie Funk and Laurie Marshall, to discuss fast fashion and the attachments we create to the clothes in our closet (or closets). 😉

During our conversation, we referenced a few things including:

It’s good to be back. I hope you enjoy the discussion.

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