Speaking & Group Training

Perfect for groups of 5 to 5,000, I introduce people to the core concepts of minimalism and the incredible value of simple works of mindful connection in a conversational 60-minute presentation. The presentation can run in a standard speaker/audience format or in a workshop setting.

It can also become a jumping-off point for a series of classes that drill down into key areas of focus, such as:

  • minimizing physical clutter
  • reducing distraction throughout our day
  • increasing mindfulness
  • connecting to and contributing to your communities

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Minimalism Master Classes

Maybe you know you need some help simplifying your life, but don't need the full attention provided by personal coaching.

Minimalism Master Classes are twice-monthly structured group conversations with a small group of people, like yourself, looking to reduce stress and add value back into their lives. Master Classes take place via video chat, and in each session attendees will discuss where they are in their personal journey of minimalism and receive support and advice from other group members.

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Personal Coaching

Many of us want to reduce the complexity in our life, but few know where to start.The truth is there's no formula for simplification. Some of us need help with time management (my own personal struggle) while others may need help decluttering and minimizing the stuff around them.

After an initial interview, I'll help you develop a personalized simplification plan with defined steps and accountability checkpoints to keep you encouraged and moving toward your goals.

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Business Consulting

After many years of entrepreneurship and living that stressful start-up lifestyle, I've learned a few things about simple messaging that grows your customer base and the types of complex overhead costs that kill baby businesses before they have a chance to survive and thrive long term.

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