Living Smaller, Finally and Forward

We all have that thing that we never prioritize into realization.

I graduated college and worked for the next 20 years believing that success and happiness lied in more — more responsibility, bigger salaries and higher titles. 

I chased all three, working for as long it took to get more money.

In 2009, I declared bankruptcy and swore I would never find myself in that position again. By 2016, however, I had once again built up balances on a handful of credit cards in addition to car payments and student loans. My drive for more income and prestige had done nothing to increase my peace of mind or happiness.

Not long ago, I realized that my path into simplification requires a deeper alignment of action to values. My family has started making some changes already, paying off debts and transitioning from home ownership to home rentership.

Starting today, I am also aligning my consulting and training services with my belief in the transformative power of simplicity.

Those services include:

If you regularly feel overwhelmed…

If you dread facing your neverending task list…

If more and more is never enough…consider simplification.

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